Today’s Playlist: Cure For Paranoia and Zella Day

Here at TMI, we receive a ton of music submissions highlighting so many talented and creative artists. And over the course of our research we often come across awesome tracks that through our own ignorance may not have previously been on our radar. So, on that note, we felt it was important to recognize some of these spectacular tracks that we have thankfully stumbled across.

TMI has added two new tracks to our playlist that have really stirred our mood this morning. The first comes to us from Cure For Paranoia, a “trippy, soul-infused, hip-hop” quartet out of Dallas’ Deep Ellum. ‘Bad Impression’ is one of the later tracks on their 2nd First Impression album that digs deep with a menacing, head-bouncing beat and intimidating lyrics. The, background is shaded with hints of cumbia and rings with intensity over a knocking bassline wrapped together with a hyper, articulate delivery from frontman, Cameron McCloud and special guest, Topic. It’s hip-hop with a rock star attitude.

The next track, ‘Mustang Kids,’ comes to us from Zella Day’s recently released KICKER album. Yeah, yeah, I know. We’ve been showing Ms. Day a lot of love lately. But, KICKER deserves all the recognition. Honestly, it’s one of the most complete and enjoyable albums we have come across this year. And ‘Mustang Kids’ is a certain kind of special. The passionate and ambitious track that features Baby E takes Zella’s arousing sound to a ravenous level. ‘Mustang Kids’ is pissed-off pop for a new generation. We’ve had this infectiously awesome beast on repeat all morning.


Written by: Doug Leach (

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