OXYMORRONS Deliver Party Anthem with ‘Asleep’


I have to admit, like a fool, I’ve been asleep on Oxymorrons and their genre warping, alternative hip-hop brilliance. It wasn’t until they hit Austin’s Spider House last night with local post-genre pop badass, Mobley, that I was awoken to this dope quintet out of Queens. Think “OutKast meets Rage Against the Machine.”

Earlier this month, Oxymorrons released the celebratory video for their party anthem banger, ‘Asleep,’ from their EP Complex But Basic. The vibrant track, produced by Felix Snow, opens with stretched-out keys, a melodic, chanting chorus and rhythmic handclaps. Then the party gets set off with a kicking bassline, speedy guitar riffs and energetic electronic textures fusing hip-hop with elements of rock, electronica and pop all tied together with dynamic verses form co-vocalists Kami and Demi. Oh, and I’m sure the endless shots of Patron and Hennessy helped out. Take a glimpse into Oxy Nation with the video below.





Written by: Doug Leach (doug@themusicissuemagazine.com)


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