Sara Jackson-Holman: ‘Too Late’ Video


TMI was first introduced to heartrending pop singer-songwriter, Sara Jackson-Holman, this past August when the Portland-native debuted her bittersweet, introspective single Too Late from her recent album, Didn’t Go To The Party. The full album was released on September 16th via Expunged Records and is available for purchase here and iTunes.

Last week, Jackson-Holman premiered a gorgeous, metaphorically charged video for ‘Too Late.’ Her elegant voice captivates reflecting over the vast isolation of the desert scenery. The video’s lone star, Ms. Jackson-Holman, roams the landscape within the strength and determinations of her solitude reminding that “high above, your good intentions were never enough.” The dreamlike video flourishes with abstract shots contrasting against the aridness of the desert imagery. Check out the wonderful video below.


Written by: Doug Leach (


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