TWOBADOURS ON THE RUN: Gabe Dixon and David Ryan Harris coming to the Winflo


Gabe Dixon and David Ryan Harris have teamed up to make America great again with their month-long Twobadours On The Run Tour. As part of the tour, the pair will be making a pit-stop at the Winflo in Austin on September 16th. Dixon will be celebrating the recent release of his sophomore solo, Turns To Gold, marking his first official collection as an independent artist. Harris, who’s internationally recognized for playing guitar and singing in John Mayer’s band, released his fourth full-length album, Lightyears, in fall of 2015 and is preparing to release his next album following the tour. TMI had an opportunity to chat with the Twobadours before they set out on the road. Here’s what they had to say.

TMI: So, what brought the two of you together for this tour?

DRH: “We’ve known each other for a while and played a couple of shows together here and there. Then, management suggested we get together at some point. It’s almost like in the movies when you have two people that are friends and somebody says, “Man, you two should date.” Then they realize, “Oh wow! We should totally date.”

GD: “It is kind of like that because it seems to be a pretty natural fit…especially since we’ve known each other for so long and have written songs together. Having management suggest and organize the tour was all it took. It’s been really cool to see our respected fans so excited to see us together.”

TMI: Will the two of you be performing together during your tour or sticking to individual sets?

DRH: “We haven’t really talked about it. But, I can’t imagine by the end of the tour that we won’t be playing some songs on each others sets and playing together.”

TMI: The Winflo is a very close and intimate venue. Do you find that your style translates better in a smaller, intimate venue or towards larger crowds?

GD: “I like to perform in both. But, with the solo shows, when it’s a small place in an intimate venue you can do certain things and more of the subtleties of what you’re doing come out and the audience can see that up close. I played the Winflo back in May and I loved it. It feels like you’re playing in somebody’s basement bar. But, man, they do it right there. I felt at home and the sound was great. It’s just a great listening room. You can tell they really care about the artists.”

TMI: You have both been attached to major labels and have now become independent artists. How do you like being independent compared to major?

DRH: “For me, I find it’s more a labor of love and something you have to stay on top of at all times as opposed to depending on somebody else to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”. It’s all on me and for the most part, I love it. I wish I had the financial resources that come with the majors. But, not necessarily at the expense of being able to do this at my own pace.”

GD: “As an independent, you lose out a little on resources and the number of people working for you. But, even that can be fleeting working with a record label. You’re not always going to be their main focus and the center of their attention. I’ve had some really good experiences and some not-so-good experiences working with a record label. So, at the moment, I’m just enjoying the freedom of doing it independently even though it’s more work and more to think about.”

TMI: You both are known for writing some pretty weighty material. Is there a fine line between cathartically expressing yourself as an artist and maintaining a necessary level of privacy as a human being?

DRH: “I just write about what I know and situations that go on specifically within my four walls and see how that relates to other people and how they are still able to paint themselves into a situation that was intrinsically mine.”

GD: “I have some songs that are a little vague and people have put a totally different meaning on them than what I intended. But, you should write what you know. Otherwise, it’s hard to be true as a musician…unless you’re really good at making up stories.”

See Gabe Dixon and David Ryan Harris at the Winflo on September 16th as part of the Twobadours On The Run Tour.


Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Written by Doug Leach (



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