Fable Cry: ‘Dead or Alive (For Now)’ video

FC resized 1

Classified as a “theatrical-scamp-rock” band, Fable Cry, cranks up the creep factor with their spooky ‘Dead or Alive (For Now)’ video. The eerie cat-and-mouse melody from the band’s latest album, We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are, delivers a pleasantly haunting narrative filled with fortune tellers, evil ice queens and a Jekyll and Hyde scientist. The black and white cinematography and frantic stop-motion movement combined with the band’s amusing horror theatrics hearken a Charlie Chaplin meets Rob Zombie quality. The menacing pace of the villainous lyrics layered by Zach Ferrin and Jo Cleary hasten and stammer like a racing heartbeat as the frightening narrative progresses through the video. The chamber-based, monster tango stomps with thudding bass, guitar and cello before Cleary shows off the band’s Tennessee roots with an Opry style violin waltz. Fable Cry’s influences of Danny Elfman, Tim Burton and Muse are painted all over this raucous nightmare.





Written By: Doug Leach (doug@themusicissuemagazine.com)

Photo Credit: Jonathon Kingsbury

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