Dreams of Vertigo: ‘(Un)Easy Goodbye’ Video


Orange County pop-punk rockers, Dreams of Vertigo, recently debuted the video for ‘(Un)Easy Goodbye’ from their upcoming release, Reject University, Pt. 2: From Six 2 Midnight, due out October 14, 2016. Inspired by vocalist Doug Ferguson’s first-hand account of a would-be jumper high on a freeway ledge, ‘(Un)Easy Goodbye’ deals with depression and suicide. Such dark issues, it’s no wonder the opening guitar chords strike a fine resemblance to Dimebag Darrell’s distinct flavor. Speedy, manic riffs and shattering percussion fill the track behind Ferguson’s huge vocals. ‘(Un)Easy Goodbye’ teeters between boundaries by leaning heavy on the medal side with shots of punk and early-ought pop rock…similar to a new-age, Pantera, NOFX and Blink 182 mixer.




Written by: Doug Leach (doug@themusicissuemagazine.com)

Photo Credit: Raychael Leach

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