Elsa & Emilie release ‘AU VOLANT’

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After an incredible reception to their debut release, ‘Endless Optimism’ in 2014, Elsa & Emilie are back and arguably better than ever. Two years older and two years wiser, the Norwegian duo has released ‘Au Volant’, the lead single from ‘The Line of Best Fit’; expected early 2017.

The pair shows they’ve grown with the more mature backtrack to lay their youthful voices over, giving the melody more of a brooding tone yet flawlessly staying away from the darkness that usually accompanies the drama of a deeper tune. Just adding to this unique concoction are the electronic pulses that strangely complement their harmonious voices within the ballad; the kind of harmony that takes years to build.

After seven years of practicing their mellifluous sound, they work well together creating an oxymoronic rollercoaster of the highs of their vocals and the lows of the beat. Accompanied, by that slight echo-distortion that’s so popular in the music scene right now, almost reminiscent of a more-wholesome sounding ‘Fast Car’.

The song – which takes its name from the French for ‘driving’ – was impressively written by the two young women and speaks about “the boys with the car keys”. Paired with the later lyric “who do you think got me this far?” to me, this suggests a statement of independence. One that’s definitely backed by the obvious maturation of the song, compared to their acclaimed debut. The girls are getting better with age, and they’ve got a long time left to get even better – like a fine wine, you might say.





Written by: Megan Matthews (mlouisematthews@gmail.com)


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