Elayna Boynton releasing new EP Sept. 16th

elayna boynton

Whether you know it, or not, you’ve probably already heard Elayna Boynton’s sweet and sultry vocals. You might remember her angelic tone sounding like the salvation you needed amongst the soulful mountain of her duet with Anthony Hamilton, or maybe just as one of the songs featured on Django Unchained; either way, you should want to hear more.

“Having ‘Freedom’ in Django was so great because I was able to have a song featured in a film that went on to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay, that I not only sang but that I actually co-wrote. Since, I’ve been able to do more songwriting–which I love–and been asked to sing on different projects which has also been fun. “

But since her involvement on the blockbuster, the jazz singer’s own work has been a little quiet and don’t think the masses of fans haven’t noticed. Boynton receives flocks of emails from fans, whom she praises as ‘patient’, just telling her how much ‘Freedom’ meant to them.

“You know, after Django I actually took some time to focus on songwriting.” She said, “I love singing, but songwriting is something I also really enjoy, so I was living solely in that world for a bit. But I did also record a fair amount of songs as well, but ultimately I wasn’t satisfied with the songs I had written and I didn’t want to rush my creative process. Instead I wanted to continue to challenge my songwriting and try new things, write with new people and see what could happen.”

What did happen is a new EP, set to be released September 16th. The self-titled album will feature six all-new songs written by Elayna and co-writer, Patrick Park. Released late-July, ‘Honey I Told You’ played the part of a teaser of the album featuring a heavy kick of a beat that breaks way to her phenomenally soft tones; a real strategic choice that’s bound to bring hordes of fans.

She said: “It was tough to choose which song to release first because I love all the songs on the EP, but ultimately, I love that the verses of ‘Honey I Told You’ have a folk-vibe, and the chorus leans more toward soul–and I loved the combination of the two.”

But with a motivational message and soulful tunes that cross flawlessly with folk, you’re guaranteed to hear her happy-go-lucky yet earnestly gritty sound for years to come.

“In many ways the overall theme of doing the best you can and continuing to try is the undercurrent of the album. It can take a lot for me to be honest about a change I need to make, and acknowledging that reality is a mountain to climb in its own right!” She states, “That encouragement has come mostly from songs by artists whose music met me where I was at and I love the idea that my songs could possibly in any small way, do that for someone else.”

The EP’s track list will feature a whole catalogue of Elayna’s talents; showcasing her skills of blues, rock ‘n’ roll and gospel, to name a few. So, even if you weren’t sold by ‘Honey I Told You’ (everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but you’d be wrong), there’ll be something else to draw you in. The duo involved in the creation of the songs have beautifully meshed and created something you just can’t say no to. You’ll have this EP on repeat, I promise you.




Written by: Megan Matthews (mlouisematthews@gmail.com)


Photo Credit: Ninelle Efremova


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