MIYNT: ‘Cool’ Review


We desperately need to talk about MIYNT. If you’re on the search for a new sound, to hold onto the dawdling summer memories during the fast-approaching fall, you need look no further. With vocals that capture a soft innocence rattled by the cynicism that inspires the song, it’s easy to see why she’s climbing charts on Spotify and taking claim in the minds of listeners everywhere.

She told DIY “I was inspired by being in LA enjoying the insane heat and how the sun was shining on me…visually so beautiful, but it was just pure pain. If life is a beach, it requires you to take a loan and buy an AC.”

The Swedish singer’s premier of ‘Cool’ marks the third song released from her debut EP, titled Ep no. 1. Preceded by ‘After The Gold Rush’ and ‘The Strangest Game’, the three songs show off the absolutely insane spectrum that the girl can reach. From distorted psychedelia to romanticized ballads, ‘Cool’ stands out with a jazzy backtrack to complement her sugar-sweet tones.

When listening to the song, a cleverly-placed interval of plinking guitar strings, just ever so slightly higher-pitched than her dulcet sound, brings focus back to the tune and wakes you from that poetic coma that you slipped into, you can’t help but listen intently to her European resonance.

With this EP bringing MIYNT back into the spotlight after her 2015 release of her debut single, ‘Civil War’/’Nick Drake’, the song’s suitably intoxicating and leaves you with her ghostly, slightly fogged voice beautifully haunting your thoughts after the final chords play. I’ll be first in line to hear the rest ‘EP No. 1’ on September 16th and fully expect to see you all behind me.






Written by: Megan Matthews  (mlouisematthews@gmail.com)

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