FOXTRAX: The Cabin

FOXTRAX - Promo Photo _1 - 2016

Foxtrax’s EP – ‘The Cabin’ – introduces the 2015-formed band in a way you won’t easily forget. Unbelievably recorded in just 72 hours; the threesome had plenty to say about their ‘amazingly weird experience’ creating their five-track launch.

“We only had three days to record it on a shoestring budget and that was such a great learning experience,” they stated. “There’s so much that goes into making a record so three days was really the bare minimum we could physically get away with doing.”

With such a unique compilation of tracks on the record, the group really color within a whole new set of lines that take inspiration from all the big dogs; the band lists all sorts just starting with The Beatles, The Stones and, naturally, Taylor Swift.

“We’re inspired by so many bands it would be tough to name just one. Really, we like anyone who writes great songs. We dig Taylor Swift for that reason. She’s a real beast.” That’s right, a real beast – you heard it here first.

Successfully joining the ranks of those who ‘write great songs’, amongst their treasures, is ‘Underwater’ – the song that the band dubbed as their own favorite. They explained, “The song has a weird irony to it because the lyrics are actually kind of sad and emotional and the song has such a positive, happy tenor, musically speaking.”

“Underwater’ exemplifies the bread and butter style of the band with the back to basics juxtaposition of the two conflicting emotions. The threesome’s style promises uncomplicated music, proven from the get-go when the boys spent time in a cabin demoing the EP – hence the EP’s name; again, why overcomplicate things? I love it.

My favorite song of the five is the emotionally-rife ‘I’ll Be Back For You’. With its torturingly-relatable hook that finishes the record off in the most relaxingly sorrowful way, it really speaks to me. Plus the guitar solo, at around three minutes in, just sealed the deal.

“Recording the Cabin was an amazingly weird experience. If you heard some of the demos, you might actually be surprised by how shitty they sounded. By the time we got in the studio to record them in Brooklyn we were already so much better musicians – our band in general was way tighter.”

The boys are definitely right about the irony though. With Ben Schneid’s high pitched guitar’s cry giving way to his surprisingly soothing tone, the contradicting emotions are prevalent almost immediately. Schneid, alongside Jared and Jon Stenz, have easily achieved their aim of making ‘music that feels’ with this glass-shattering introduction.

“The reception has been so incredible thus far and we are so fucking grateful. We started to get emails and messages from people saying how much our music has inspired them or how much it has affected them. That is such an awesome feeling. It’s always what we set out to do and it’s nice to know that we are on the right track.”

Be sure to check out the boys on one of their two upcoming West Coast shows next month.

9/6 Rickshaw Shop – San Francisco, CA
9/8 Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA


Written by: Megan Matthews (

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