Dent May: Face Down in the Gutter of Your Love

DM resized

After three albums on Paw Track Records, Mississippi-native, Dent May, has changed to an all new label. Carpark Records has taken over to release the psychedelic popstar’s latest single; ‘Face Down in the Gutter of Love’.

Released on July 21st, the single features his classically synthesized, yet effortless, vocals against a contrasting country-style tune. Maybe it’s because of this contradictory pairing, but I found the song was thrown into a whole ball pit of mind-blowing disarray; psychedelia at its best, obviously. With an all-round sad-sounding title, but, somehow, a real’ relaxed feel to it; it isn’t what I expected.

Since May’s start in 2012, with ‘Do Things’, he’s been critically acclaimed and famously inter-changing his ukulele with his synthesizing machines to create his signature, yet ever-changing, bespoke sound. Everything about this guy truly is a musical, oddly addictive, oxymoron.

Previously described as a ‘stylistic chameleon’, the single stands out in 2016, as a concentrated view into May’s soul. Not only does it combine two aspects of the musician’s repertoire, but it offers up an interesting perspective on the typical love story that’ll leave you unsure of how you feel but eagerly awaiting more. Keep Carpark Records in your horizons and listen out for album number four from May.


Written by: Megan Matthews (

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