John Evans: ‘Polyester’ Video

John Evans 2 resized

If the lanky 6’5” frame decorated in horn-rimmed glasses and a curly shag-top don’t catch your attention, I’m sure the snazzy polyester leisure suit and vintage cowboy boots will getcha. I’m talking about Houston-bred, Austin-based, John Evans, a roots rocker recognized nearly as much for his eclectic fashion as his boundary-breaking music. On May 13, the Texas troubadour released Polyester, his first album in 6 years. And just like the heterogeneous attire Evans so stylishly adorns, Polyester mix-matches a bevy of influences into one spectacular get-up.

Last week, Evans debuted the swagger-filled video for his album’s title track by combining the nostalgia of ‘yesterday’s gold’ with new-age innovation. A vibrant cast of characters frolic through thrift store racks and vinyl shop tracks while the ‘fashion jester’ professes his affinity for polyester. The video buzzes with non-stop energy fusing Mississippi Delta Blues, Classic Rock and 80’s Punk through the electro-static of heavy guitar chords and a catchy hook. Evan’s video is a fun-fest of self-expression and stylistic creativity. “For me, ‘Polyester’ represents more than just a fashion statement,” said Evans. “It’s the diversity of the culture I surround myself with. It’s all shapes, sizes, colors and musical styles tied together like a sweet polyester leisure suit.”


Written by: Doug Leach (

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