Voyager Music Festival 2016 @ Spider House Ballroom

Voyager Fest

Announcing Voyager Music Festival 2016 at Spider House Ballroom and Chapel!
Featuring progressive and experimental bands in Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, TX – Last summer, at the first Voyager Music Festival, a few hundred adventurous audience members witnessed a variety of local bands coming together to create something new and unique in the Austin music scene. The performers came from disparate genres such as classical, progressive rock, math rock, jazz rock, electronic, avant garde, and post-rock. Along with equally unique acts from outside of the Austin market, the 2016 Voyager Music Festival will bring many of these performers together again for a bigger celebration of music and art that promotes intellectual discourse, pushes traditional boundaries between art and technology, and builds upon the influence of its predecessors. Now a two-day affair, the second annual Voyager Music Festival is sure to make Austin music history as a groundbreaking event.

Voyager Music Festival 2016
Spider House Ballroom and Chapel
September 17-18, 2016

The 2016 Voyager Music Festival Lineup
Stop Motion Orchestra
The Invincible Czars
Transit Method
Thirteen of Everything
The Aaron Clift Experiment Proud Peasant eBurner Ponytrap
Circling Drones
The Dialtones Groove Think
Aileen Adler Black Ladder
Space Mariner
Another de Sade
Atlas Maior
Every Shape a Diamond
Mount Pressmore
The Alea Dilemma
Vincent’s Betrayal Herd of Instinct
Built for the Future

About VoyagerFest
The Voyager Music Festival is presented by VoyagerFest, an Austin-based 501(c)(3) organization that promotes and supports progressive and experimental music and art. The organization has a genuine interest in promoting exploratory music and art to expand minds and inspire people of all ages. VoyagerFest is progressive, experimental, and evolving. For additional info, please contact Lauren Lyman at
This project is supported in part by
the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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