THE NIGHTOWLS; Royal Sessions and working together


As The Nightowls’ last tour in the golden fall of 2015 drew to a close, the birth of their latest album came to be. Recorded in the legendary Royal Studios, in Memphis, the 10-piece channeled their inner Al Green to really capture their soul in the new EP – the aptly named, Royal Sessions.

For the Austin-based decuple, the past few years have been all about finding themselves as a band and learning a lot about each other. It’s obviously reflected in their music, shown by the beautiful unison of the different instruments complimenting each other in ways that’d make you blush.

The self-confessed ‘classic soul, funk and Motown fans’, who make up this well-oiled team, will release their anticipated third album on July 15th; almost three years after their debut. Perfect timing for their summer sound, if you ask me.

“Creating music with 10 people isn’t always the easiest or quickest of tasks,” they confessed, before going on to say, “So, finding a collaborative and efficient writing process was a huge step for our band. Compared to our debut album, Good As Gold, our music now is much more of a singular expression of who we are and our cumulative experiences as a band.”


The band’s edgy answer to modern day soul is obvious in the sneak-peek stream of the EP, with each song really holding that harmonious sound that envelops you into the family feeling. It’s almost like all ten of them are stood in your room, playing to you. Well, it would be, if they could all fit in your room (d’you get it, because there’s ten of them?). After hearing the pure vulnerability shown in the music, I was excited to speak to the band and really witness their melting pot of positivity that’s offered up their bespoke sound.
“In The Nightowls, we’re very fortunate to not only have 10 talented musicians but also 10 people that respect and rely on each other for inspiration.”

“One of our favorite songs on the new EP, is ‘Right Around the Corner‘.” (I second this, smooth, upbeat vocals that put the sun right on back in the sky, definitely one for happy days) “There’s a group vocal at the end of the song that the entire band recorded live in the studio together. It was a great moment for each of us singing and dancing in the studio. And, you’ll actually get to see it in the music video for the song when it comes out!”


The EP combines the unconventional pair of soft vocals vaguely reminiscent of R&B in the 90s, with the resonating soul that can only be built with brick after brick of hard-learnt lessons. Their sound’s indescribably different, optimistic and outrageously motivational.
“We wanted this EP and these songs to be reflective of the last 6 months we’ve had together as a band. There are songs about being on the road away from loved ones, songs about fighting against the grain, and others about fighting for something you believe in.”
Royal Sessions marks the end of a chapter in the life of our band and our music. On this EP and our previous albums, we wanted to pay tribute and learn from the bands and artists that inspired us from the beginning. Through these albums and historic studios we’ve traveled to, we’ve learned about who we are as band and where we think our music is going.”
The band will be back on the road mid-July through mid-October, touring all across the US – starting out in good old Austin on the 15th, at the Historic Scoot Inn. There’s more than ten dates on the tour – so, unfortunately, no tenfold jokes to be made there, but definitely no excuse not to get out to one of their shows this summer.


Written by Megan Matthews (

Photo Credit: Nicola Gell

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