LOVERLUST: Local artist Jonathan Fox to release sophomore record this July.

AUSTIN, TX – Local singer/songwriter, Jonathan Fox, explores the ups and downs of modern romance and the fleeting nature of happiness as a young adult in his sophomore album with the Jonathan Fox Band: “Loverlust”. Settling into a style that flirts with pop-rock but with the self-aware lyrics of an idealist millennial, the full 12-track LP is to be released July 26, 2016, with an Album Release Show at Stubb’s July 30, 2016.

Aiming to blend styles of pop, rock and folk while keeping his sensitive singer-songwriter roots, Jonathan took a hands on approach to the new record, writing, producing and mixing all 12 tracks in his home-studio apartment near downtown Austin. Jonathan hoped the intimacy of a small presentation would compliment some of the more sensitive ideas and themes that exist within larger rock arrangements. Fox performed multiple instruments on the LP including guitars, keys, harmonies as well as bass guitar. Helping with pre-production, early demos and arrangements, Tristan Boyd (listed as co-producer) is heard on drums and percussion, and regular guitarist for the band, Stephen Cinti, lends a hand on a few songs as well.

Jonathan successfully taps into truths so many of his peers face: the relentlessness of the “Real World” that can come as quite a shock, as you realize your hopes and dreams may be much further away than expected, or equally considered fantasies at some point. Diving into this constant desire for more, and the emotional dissatisfaction that comes with it, Jonathan longs for “Something New” in the opening track of Loverlust. While the first several songs hit heavily on modern pop-rock notes, failed searches for love, and romantic frustrations can be found throughout the record, as well as Fox’s sweet but rebellious spirit. Track 3, chart ready “Play It Cool.”, dances around the confusion of whether someone likes you back, and the resentments that materialize when they’re inconsistent with their feelings. The following few songs explore darker romantic disillusionment and loneliness; from the melancholy woes of the hopeless-romantic in “Jumping Off Cliffs”, to the angst and disappointment in the breakup folk-rocker “Romance Is Dead”, this recurring unease and yearning is familiar, and felt frequently in Loverlust. “Romance Is Dead” inevitably wraps up with an extended, layered outro of drum loops, harmonizing guitars and evolving waves of energy and rhythms. All highlighting Fox’s prowess as a young producer with an early and deep understanding of music. A more universal message can be found in the thoughtful soft-pop “Family & Friends (Hurt & Make Up)”, which relays the importance of forgiveness and the isolating effects that excessive pride can have in relationships. Perhaps the most eclectic song on Loverlust is track 8 “Stranger”, a psychedelic-rock song with an aggressive attitude, about feeling alone and strange as a 20-something (runaway) in a big city; searching for real connections, but mostly finding small talk, this stranger finds a small victory through the haze of a drunken night.

Growing up in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth, Jonathan took to the stage from an early age, performing as the lead in several musicals and plays throughout grade school. And while Fox may “play the Stranger” in track 8, he’s no stranger to the music industry. Having regularly performed in venues and festivals across Texas and the South since age 15, Jonathan never stopped writing and recording material for a number of self-released EPs and full length records. A multitude of influences and styles can be heard in Jonathan’s music, as well as some from his musical adolescence. Initially picking up the guitar at age 10 to follow punk-pop headliners Blink 182 and Green Day, over the next several years Jonathan would drift in and out of genres and idols from acoustic-pop in the realm of John Mayer, to country, Texas country, and indie-rock. Absorbing the spirit of the city, Jonathan made his way to an Americana/Blues-Rock sound after making his home in Austin. After deciding to go with the full “Jonathan Fox Band” to make a break from past work, Fox debuted “20 Something Runaway” in late 2014, which received several positive reviews, and tracks listed on KLBJ FM’s Best Local Licks of 2015 in Austin. Since the release, the 26 year-old has performed upwards of 100 shows across the state while continuing to write for the upcoming record. Always following his musical muse, Fox takes us back to a singer/songwriter pop-rock feel with Loverlust. Two tracks from the upcoming record can be streamed and downloaded below.

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