Tuskha: First Date Review

Tuskha Promo Photo 1 resized

Prepare to be serenaded into soothing tranquility by the captivating electro-pop of Tuskha. The self-titled, solo debut from Bowerbirds frontman, Phil Moore, seeps into the conscience and drowns the brain with its hypnotic narrative fumed by dreamy electronic melodies. The raw storytelling is loaded with substance and offers a grounded, thought-provoking approach to the often flashy genre. But, make no mistake, underneath its density, Tuskha remains dance-inducingly poppy.

Tuskha recently premiered the album’s second video with ‘First Date’. Shot in Nashville’s nearly abandoned Hickory Hollow Mall, the video is an eerie, beautiful depiction of Tuskha’s isolation and internal resolution. Director, Elise Tyler said of ‘First Date’s’ sweet melancholy, “I wanted the imagery [of the video] to possess the same qualities [of the song], a balance between simplicity and depth.” Check out the video below.




Photo credit: Elise Tyler

Written by: Doug Leach (doug@themusicissuemagazine.com)

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