Black Fret at the Spider House

In Austin, Black Fret has become synonymous with spectacular live shows. Saturday night’s listening session at the Spider House Ballroom was no exception. Music fans packed the north campus venue to witness up-and-coming indie rockers, Blue Healer, open for headliner and Black Fret Grant nominee, Ray Prim. The three-member Blue Healer rocked a 45-minute set filled with songs from their upcoming debut album including ‘Luminescent Eyes’ and the synth shimmering ‘Only The Rain’. Blue Healer put on a huge live show as David Beck pulled some of the most jamming chords from an upright bass and Bryan Mammel got wicked on the keys. Drummer Dees Stribling tied the strings and electronics together with pure adrenaline on the drums. Keep an eye out for Blue Healer’s album set to release later this year.

Between sets, Taylor Muse, lead singer of 2014 inaugural Black Fret winner, Quiet Company, took the stage to express his gratitude for the local non-profit and appreciation for members and fans who help keep Austin music thriving. Muse kept the moment lighthearted by reminding guests just exactly how Quiet Company spent their Black Fret winnings.

But, Saturday’s spotlight belonged to Ray Prim. The full seven-piece was on hand as the band set the tone early by opening with the rocking ‘Girl Watch Me’ off of his upcoming album. Prim flowed right into another brand new track, and TMI favorite, ‘Hey’ featuring a heavy dose of Mexican Chocolate on vocals. By the time ‘Barcelona’ wrapped up, the crowd was completely in tune with Prim’s soulful melodies. Violinists Kristen Randolph (Kreole) and Marianna Tanguy (Tanguray) stole the spotlight for a brief moment on the opening solo of the string and drum heavy ‘We All Gotta Leave Someday’ before drummer John Ray (JRizza the Matronizza) got to swang his righteous sticks. Prim closed it down with a moving dedication to America on ‘Since 88’ that nearly rendered Black Fret Co-Founder, Matt Ott, speechless. The fantastic evening is one of many we have come to expect from Black Fret; just another great show in a continuous chain showcasing Austin talent.


Written by Doug Leach (

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