Suicide Squad: Sucker For Pain

Suicide-Squad-Single-Sucker-for-pain resized

Anticipation continues to build for Warner Bros./DC supervillain blockbuster, Suicide Squad. Atlantic Records recently released the official soundtrack listing for the long-awaited film and if the raucous lineup is any indication, Suicide Squad is going to sway heavily from the moody soundtrack. We’ve already witnessed a sneak-peek of the ‘demo for the deranged’ soundtrack when Blurryface boys, Twenty One Pilots, released ‘Heathens’ in early June. Last week, Atlantic Records fueled El Diablo’s flames by dropping another heavy hitter from the soundtrack with ‘Sucker For Pain’, featuring an all-star lineup of Ty Dolla $ign, Logic, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, X Ambassadors and Imagine Dragons.

‘Sucker For Pain’ provides new Suicide Squad footage and is structured within the supervillains insane world. Video set pieces are designed straight from the blueprints of Belle Reve Penitentiary with each performer getting a specific environment to project their own twisted internal pain. Ty Dolla $ign rocks Harley’s cage before Logic lyrically blazes the walls of his padded cell. Lil Wayne spits from atop his deserved throne while Wiz Khalifa shreds the streets with a verbal assault all wrapped together with a sadistic hook from Imagine Dragon’s Dan Reynolds. Suicide Squad and soundtrack will be released on August 5.


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