Jane Ellen Bryant: Twenties review


Most of us so-called adults reflect upon our twenties as a period of self-discovery. It’s a beautifully complicated decade filled with humbling epiphanies, large and small…significant break-ups, a few make-ups and frequent hazy wake-ups. But, for Americana-rocker, Jane Ellen Bryant, these significant years are all about opening up to the unexpected. With her soon-to-be-released, and aptly titled EP, Twenties, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter welcomes us into the big decade of her life.

The 3-track EP is an energetic departure from Bryant’s full-length Americana debut, Hourglass. “On the previous album, I hadn’t quite reached that Rock & Roll sound yet,” claims Bryant. “But, this new EP definitely hits home on the Rock base.” With the help of producer-guru, Frenchie Smith, Bryant has refined her sound by incorporating a livelier, Rock tempo within her Americana roots. She shells out raw, authentic lyrics and continues to master the folky-flavored ballads that made Hourglass such a success.


Twenties opens with the title track, a satirically relatable montage of the idiosyncratic predicaments familiar to so many of us during this uncertain period of our lives. “The ‘Twenties’ track describes a time when I had just graduated college and was trying to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do next. There were no rules or guidelines anymore and it was a bit overwhelming,” admits Bryant.

Fans of Hourglass will feel at home with the lilting cadence and leisurely pace of ‘Want it With You’. The potent EP finishes with a grand finale in ‘Easy Mistake’; a fantastic, “girl power” arrangement packed with speedy guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

Bryant’s fluidity between Americana and Rock allows greater space for creativity within her songwriting. She’s able to vividly express her colorful personality through her music and ultimately define her unique sound. “It’s a different sound but it feels more like me than anything I’ve done before,” claims Bryant. With a full length follow-up in the works, Bryant is well on her way to becoming one of the most influential young artists around.

Twenties will be released July 8 along with a release party that evening at Lambert’s located at 401 W 2nd St., Austin, TX 78701.




Photo Credit: Daniel Cavazos
Written by: Doug Leach (doug@themusicissuemagazine.com)

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