Dogbreth: ‘Cups and Wrappers’ Review


Self-expressed power-pop band, Dogbreth, have released a hell of a teaser for their upcoming album; Second Home. The fivesome evoke all kinds of connotations with their song, ‘Cups and Wrappers’. Not only does it promise nostalgic satisfaction for grunge fans with the opening screech, reminiscent of the classic Cobain static seen opening ‘Breed’ and ‘On a Plain’ – Seattle for you, eh? The song also comforts fans with a very pop-punk vibe kicking off with Erin Caldwell’s prominent bassline, with the perfectly unpolished vocals overtop.

Tristan Jemsek’s soft voice epitomizes the struggles of love and of rock and roll seamlessly, the classics; y’know, why didn’t they call? Did they know they were wrong? The revolutionary fall of rock and roll after the oh-so-vibrant 90s. All of equal importance, of course.


One of the most important things, I found, in the song was the actual sincerity of the vocals. The striking realization in the hook – ‘rock and roll won’t make it all okay, but it used to seem that way’ – pulls at the heartstrings in the old rockers with their tattered leather jacket on the hook in the hallway as well, as in the young kids who wish they were born to see Krist Novoselic hit himself in the head with a bass at the MTV awards in ’92. Thus, reiterating that contemporary yet grunge feel that the band wears so well.

The song captions the idea that rock and roll won’t last forever, but with this album on its way on August 5th, I’m not worried.


Written by: Megan Matthews (

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