FAWNN: Galaxies review


Michigan-based dream rock quartet, FAWNN, are set to release their latest album, Ultimate Oceans, on June 17th. The group, who formed in 2010, are no strangers to the indie rock scene and knew exactly what to do to entice the crowd.

Whilst the album isn’t to be released for another couple of weeks, the foursome’s record label, Quite Scientific, won’t make fans wait too long. A sneak peek of the album, which takes the shape of the single ‘Galaxies’ has been released on FAWNN’s SoundCloud and, let me tell you, if this is any inkling of what’s to come on June 17th, ‘Ultimate Oceans’ will reach much further than their locals in Detroit.

Opened by a soft male lead, the song kicks off on, what I can only describe as, the very definition of romance. ‘Galaxies’ male lead, Christian Doble, captions the excitement of his chase of love, met with the electric female backing vocals of Alicia Gbur, about midway-through. The synthesizing of the song, which seems to mostly follow the female vocals, imply a distance to her, in comparison to the clarity of the lead’s voice – perhaps suggesting reasoning for the song’s name, ‘Galaxies’.

But while the album’s opener sounds as sweet as a peach this far, it soon takes a darker approach; impressively summarizing the excitement, tension and disappointment of the chase within four and a half short minutes. I’ve definitely got June 17th circled on my calendar, to see what else this dream team of musicians has for us to see.


Written by: Megan Matthews (mlouisematthews@gmail.com)

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