Van Damsel: Debut album review


The Canadian foursome, Van Damsel, are back with their second EP; named after, what else but, themselves. The group’s spent the three years since ‘The Sunshine, Girl’ working on their individual sound – and now pride themselves on avoiding the paths that’re ‘neatly laid out for them’, says drummer, Matthew Barron. In coloring outside of the lines, they’ve found a bespoke combination of dance, 80’s pop and rock ‘n’ roll to draw the crowds in.
The album kicks off with ‘Foreword’, a short lyricless intro showing off the electronic measures in their EP cocktail. From here though, the four boys go in a completely different direction. Each of the 11 songs differs from the last, in this album, taking you on a ride across eras all merged into one contemporary indie rock band.
Definitely a band to check out if you’re a fan of The 1975, the boys bring real experiences into their songs – ‘Sophia’, especially for me, exudes a depth only achieved by three years of blood, sweat and tears. But rumor has it, ‘Domino’ actually does have a personal link to lead singer, Sebastian Ste Marie; whose voice triggers memories of Julian Casablancas’ ‘11th Dimension’.
Marie makes it clear that he strives for greatness in his music, going as far as to say ‘being human is never being satisfied’. Though, that might not be a problem for his fans with this album, released late April. Check out their work and keep an eye out for the name ‘Van Damsel’, these boys aren’t going away anytime soon.


Written by: Megan Matthew (

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