Gabe Dixon: Turns to Gold Review


Nashville troubadour Gabe Dixon provides a romantic and uplifting take on the Americana genre with his sophomore album, Turns to Gold. Following the 2011 release of his solo debut, One Spark, Dixon wanted to find what came most naturally to him as a songwriter. “I had so many songs, and I was really thinking about some weighty subjects—mortality, what’s important in life, and the value of love,” claims the singer-songwriter.


Turns to Gold is the most accurate representation of the warm and laidback Dixon yet. “In many ways, the music was about learning how to be in a committed relationship, leave immature ways behind, grow, evolve, and move on from habits that aren’t necessarily who you are anymore,” states Dixon.


The album opens with “Holding Her Freedom” a smooth piano melody about a woman who has been burned by love. From there, Dixon shows his ability to rock with “Crave,” the albums most energetic and lively track. He provides an airy, piano medley about the trouble we allow our hearts to get us into with “Don’t Make Me.” The album’s most romantic and soulful piece is expressed on “The One Thing I did Right.” The song is a tribute to Dixon’s wife and remembering what is most important in his life.

Turns to Gold delivers a breath of fresh air into the Americana genre. Dixon has a wonderful, lighthearted style that blends elements of roots rock with jazzy soul. The album remains positively enjoyable and uplifting throughout and Dixon shows promise as a solo singer-songwriter.


Catch Gabe Dixon in Austin on May 21 at The Winflo.

Written by: Douglas Leach (


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