Drew Davis: Lessons Album Review


Drew Davis has just dropped a fresh batch of soulful slow jams to soothe our mood and exorcise our stresses. The Austin-based soul singer returns to the basics with her latest EP, Lessons, and delivers her most “Drew” album yet.

Produced at Ray Prim’s famed “Ghetto Lounge,” Lessons is a stripped down, vocal-centered EP anchored by the strength of Davis’ voice. Prim, along with Curtis Lee and Erin Stein lend vocal support to Lessons while organist Todd Hamric provides additional keys to flavor the EP with a gospel ambiance. Davis brings each track back to the actual song itself placing her voice front and center as she belts out her soulful cadence.

Davis opens Lessons with the passionate “Like a Man,” arguably her strongest vocal performance of the EP. “Too Late to Love Me” is a popular classic from Davis’ catalog and Curtis Lee lends a hand on the background vocals. However, it’s during “Just Cause You’re Lonely” that Lee’s presence is strongest felt. Davis slows the tempo to ponder her solitude with “Lonely Enough” and reflects on a lost love with “Can You Hear Me.” She closes Lessons with a bumpin’ remix of “Just Cause You’re Lonely” that sends the listener out on a high note.

Lessons is a quick but deep EP that again proves Davis’ soul power. Her euphonic voice has a subtle nasal timber that captivates listeners as she spills heartfelt lyrics. She smoothly transitions between pitches and possess an extraordinary ability to hover within pitches to squeeze the most out of each word. Plain and simple, Davis has a voice that moves listeners. Lessons is another example of how this infectious soul singer can set ears on fire and take hearts higher with the power of her voice.


Written by Doug Leach (doug@themusicissuemagazine.com)

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